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Who We Are



*Costs may be associated with in-person gatherings, events, trips, and retreats.*

Welcome to Sistas Healing Sistas!  SHS provides a loving and supportive environment for Christian women to come together and build meaningful relationships. We are passionate about providing a safe space where women can connect, converse, and build community. Our belief is that Christian sisters should be there for one another in times of need.  We strive to foster a sense of sisterhood grounded by the principles of Galatians 6:2. 


SHS provides a platform for women to receive the love and support that they need to navigate through life and overcome its challenges. Our gatherings and events are designed to foster genuine and authentic connections; facilitate life changing conversations by providing opportunities for members to share their stories and experiences; and to build a community of Christlike women seeking to grow in their faith, while supporting other women to do the same.  


Join SHS TODAY, and experience faith, fun, and fellowship, as we build a strong and loving Christian sisterhood!

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