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Stefani Jackson, 
Christian Psychotherapist

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"God gave me the vision for SHS because as a Christian Psychotherapist, I have experienced so many women desperately longing for connection, conversation, and community with other Christian women. Life is hard, and can be particularly lonely and discouraging without a community of like-minded women to support you.  Join the SHS community of Christian women and find genuine love, support, healing, and sistahood!"

                           - Love & Blessings, Stefani


Stefani Jackson is a Licensed Christian Psychotherapist and the founder of SHS.  She is passionate about helping people heal and transform into their best selves, from the inside out.  As a licensed minister, Stefani's ministerial experience encompasses Christian mentoring and discipleship; biblical teaching/inspirational speaking at numerous churches, businesses, and organizations; and service on various ministries such as: discipleship/biblical teaching, youth, prison, and small group ministries.

Stefani is the Practice Owner of B-YourBest Christian Counseling, LLC.  B-YourBest Christian Counseling provides psychotherapy services to adult women and married couples by merging biblical principles and scripture with evidence-based interventions to help people heal and achieve wholeness and wellness mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually, through a holistic approach.

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